Gallery Branding + Collateral Design

Role: Design Co-op
Team: Trish Leavitt, Amy Halliday, Juliana Barton

Infinitude is an exhibition at Northeastern University’s Gallery 360. The show deals with themes of space travel and the luxury of leaving the troubles on Earth. It was my role to synthesize the themes of the exhibition into a wordmark as well as create a supplementary brochure.

All work is done in collaboration with Northeastern University CAMD's associate creative director, Trish Leavitt.


The final wordmark expresses the expanding and infinite nature of space, capturing the intensity of the subject matter. As to not overshadow the artwork itself, the wordmark is simplistic and uses subtle techniques to convey the message.


The brochure serves to accompany the exhibition by summarizing the themes and displaying the artwork. I was tasked with creating a layout that would let the work shine and also excite the readers. Working with the printers and curators, I also gave notes color correcting images of the artwork and finalizing the design.


Working with the creative director, I spent weeks exploring different options for the look and feel of the exhibition. In collaboration with the curators, we ensured that our branding was both fitting for the show and approved by the artists.