holocaust film series branding

Various poster designs created for print. Through creating these posters, I got a lot of practice with composition, illustration, and typography. These posters are meant to be visually engaging while remaining informational and clear.

‘International Holocaust Film Series’ Promotional Poster Designs


Above is a set of three posters for the International Holocaust Film Series in Berlin, Germany. These poster designs, assigned in my Graphic Design fundamentals class, were intended to abstractly convey themes of the Holocaust based on our own connection to the event. For mine, I wanted to visually express the trapped, contained emotions I feel as related to what the victims went through. The lines are supposed to overwhelm the viewer with six glimmers of yellow, representing hope, in between. The number six represents the number of concentration camps and the six million victims. The pops of yellow also allow the series of lines to act as a kind of topographical map of the Holocaust.