Music Magazine Spread Design


'Music Evolution' Cover Story

For the cover of this article about the changing ways of how we get our music, I wanted to show a simple evolution of the main forms of media used over time. I chose a muted blue color palette with accents of pinks and subtle reds.


In order to make a cohesive design, I wanted to place the illustrations next to the text that they are referring to. Also, I wanted the reader's eye to follow the illustrations and the text in a natural way. I kept the same illustrations from the cover and expanded on a few to give more depth to the spread.


More spreads:


'Bedroom Pop'

For this issue, I was tasked with creating a spread for an article about the 'Bedroom Pop' genre. I wanted to capture the lo-fi, quirky essence of the genre and translate that visually.

'Industry Plants'

Industry Plants is an article about artists who market themselves as self-starters, but in reality were strategically placed by higher-ups in the industry. I used the imagery of hands in this spread to represent those anonymous, higher-ups who control the music industry.


'Classic Review: XXX'

This article is a classic album review of ‘XXX’ by Danny Brown. I wanted to visually enforce this by recreating some of the visuals from the album, making the content clear.